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     Train Accident

There are laws that govern California train accidents whether or not the train carrier is liable. There are many factors that determine if the railroad company was liable and could have prevented the train crash and resulting injuries by exercising reasonable care and maintenance. Also, if the carrier is found at fault, there are even more things to consider to as to what is the extent of liability they will have to assume.

Accident laws for California train accidents are extremely complicated. That is why the The Lawyers Group, Inc., Inc. works hard to represent our injured clients in the best possible manner. We have experience and education in laws governing California train accidents, and is able to expertly evaluate injuries sustained by claimants with significant success. And our experienced and highly accomplished lawyers and staff are able to undertake extremely difficult cases and prevail thru convincing, credible and trustworthy evidence.

The most common types or railroad accidents are:
  • Crashes with other trains,
  • Derailment,
  • Collisions with passenger vehicles,
  • Mechanical failure,
  • Improperly maintained tracks,
  • Driver fault and fatigue.
The Lawyers Group, Inc., Inc. is committed to protecting our client's legal rights and has repeatedly shown our ability to succeed in the most challenging and complex cases of California train accidents. Contact our law office today and speak to one of our professional representatives for a free consultation about your case. You can also complete our free Online Case Assessment Form which will be reviewed by a lawyer.

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At The Lawyers Group, Inc., we know that your situation can cause financial hardship and stress for you and your family. This is why we DO NOT charge any up front legal fees. You only have to pay once we successfully settle your case or win a decision in court.


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