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Why Do We Need Lawyers ?


         To advocate for the voiceless, to counsel, and navigate for the wronged; to defend the accused, and to seek justice for the victims.  To prosecute, and impeach those in society that have victimized others in our communities by way of offending crimes against persons, or by their tortious act against civility. In a country where its very foundation is built, and erected by the rule of law within the constitution, or the statutes that frame, and hold together the contours of law and order in our society wherein our every movement is guided by laws, regulations, and statutes whether in business, or in penal code, and in our most fundamental institutions such as marriage, and equity, we educate, and train people to become attorneys at law.  Henceforth, it is the ability of the legal scholars, counselors, and lawyers to seek justice, to right the wronged, and to set a pathway for due process for every citizen to appreciate, and draw upon in all aspects of life.

            I believe lawyers can speak for those who cannot, and otherwise stay silent.  Lawyers can challenge the establishment, and remedy the damaged.  Lawyers can outlay and represent what rights, and responsibilities we protrude in society.  Often, disputes are resolved between disgruntled, and displeased private citizens wherein their controversy is mediated by judges, and lawyers, and arbitrators. I believe possessing such power, and wisdom, and knowledge to bring people to their common grounds from the brinks of disharmony is humbling.  Litigating for those who find themselves in the web of legal predicament, and therefrom can lose their freedom, or liberty, or suffer the damages of being victimized by a defendant, a perpetrator, a culprit, or the government; is the art that lawyers find exhilarating.  

           The mission is to, in a fair, accessible, effective and efficient manner, resolve disputes arising under the law, and to interpret, and make certain that through legal representation; that the law is applied consistently, impartially, and independently, and protect, preserve, and guarantee all those enumerated rights, and liberties that our constitution has guaranteed. 

            It is in such light that the answer becomes more illuminated.  Why do we need lawyers.  !!!

By: Lawrence Levy, ESQ.